Food, Cocktails, Music and Sunset Spot

Mitj & Mitj Bar

Summer evenings and a night-on-the-town in Port Andratx always involve a stop a Mitj & Mitj.

For more than 30 years, Mitj & Mitj has been our town's mythical establishment, well-known by Mallorquíns from all island regions.

We ensure good quality hamburgers, typical pan amb oli, sandwiches, excellent pizzas, eight vegetarian dishes and tapas.

The views from the terrace overlooking the bay accompany our selection of wines and cocktails. Or, ideally, you can order a bottle of cava or champagne to share a toast with those around you.

In our multicultural and multigenerational atmosphere, find a comfortable place to watch the ambience: from the balcony, our original bar street seating, or the terrace in front of the sea.

Even though we are overflowing with people, you can stand and chat with the new, lively and interesting people. We are grateful that Mitj & Mitj's loyal clientele tend to be upbeat, sociable and easy-going.

When the live music kicks in at sunset with a drink in your hand, you will want to be eternally on vacation in our cherished Puerto Andratx.

Sebastián Verdi
Sebastián Verdi