Ten reasons to be a member

  1. Make an impact on the commercial success of the town

  2. Feature your business on with a storefront

  3. Be included in our digital social media marketing efforts to draw customers

  4. Help extend the business season so that more people visit Port Andratx - and your business - all year long

  5. Make beneficial business connections 

  6. Participate in events sponsored by Port Andratx 365 Association such as street markets, concerts, holiday celebrations

  7. Get fresh business ideas and inspiration from your co-members 

  8. Raise your profile and reputation in the community

  9. Gain a different perspective about business because of the diversity of the members

  10. Have a question or a need? Ask your fellow members for help on our community chat platform

Contact us for more details about why you should join the Port Andratx 365 Association


The Port Andratx 365 Association project aims to draw visitors to our establishments throughout the year. We inspire shopkeepers to join our cooperative, purpose-driven local organisation with fresh plans for growth.

We are a multi-sector, multi-lingual, multi-cultural business group that generates ambitious initiatives for mutually beneficial commercial endeavours.

Through respect, partnership, and communication, our members mobilize, fund events together, network, and share practical business knowledge to empower one another.

If you are a business owner in Port d’Andratx we want you to join us.