Waterfront view, gastronomic menu, excellent service and authentic architecture

La Universal

A fisherman’s home on the waterfront, this high-beamed tavern with authentic tile floors serves upscale gourmet fare with a tavern’s touch. 

The rustic walls made from local “marés” stones and the shuttered windows make this dining and drinking spot cozy and intimate no matter the season. 

In the summer, the location is right in the midst of the town’s live music scene. La Universal is a perfect sunset spot all year long to sip an elaborate barman cocktail to start and a glass of wine with your meal.

The dishes are easily shared and beautifully presented for foodies. The menu currently includes a 24-hour slow-cooked veal dish, Black Tiger shrimp, smoked eel with pickled red onion and seaweed caviar, among other creative recipes. In addition, their Josper Charcol oven gives a special touch to local and international ingredients to delight and surprise you.

Sebastián Verdi
Sebastián Verdi