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InLove Mallorca

First, let me tell you a little story of how InLove started.

I grew up in a small town outside of Madrid in the mountains. Even as a child, I was passionate about commerce and would play for hours pretending to set up shops and joyfully serve my imaginary clients.

After my business and marketing studies in Madrid, I started working in the automotive sector, data collection and multinationals, which opened the doors to many business skills.

But like a beautiful modern fairy tale, I fell in love, left my job in the corporate world and my people in Madrid to start a family in Mallorca.

Once on the island, I revisited my childhood passion for commerce and combined this with my interest in fashion. As a result, I opened my first store in 2011 in Puerto de Andratx. Mallorca is a magical place that has stolen my heart and I now feel it is a part of me.

I often travel to find products with soul, in a world so globalized that sometimes this is not easy!

Thanks to my clients' confidence and quality original products, my family's loving support and the team's professionalism, the InLove, MyPort and NdB stores are growing! I constantly search for new firms, products, and factories to entrust my brand. My ultimate aim is to provide my clients with a smile with every outfit.

Natalia de Blas
Natalia de Blas