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Casa Ton

Welcome to our traditional fisherman's home converted into one of the town's highest-rated restaurants in 2020 by us: Raquel and Ton.

We know where to source the utmost quality fresh ingredients daily, yet we remain a local best-kept secret. Our menu is very select.

We pay homage to the sea with Mediterranean and Atlantic delicacies you might not find elsewhere in town, like mojama (thinly sliced salt-cured tuna), local red shrimp grilled to perfection or sea urchin caviar. Imperial sturgeon caviar and fresh oysters are favourites among our loyal guests.

Because Mallorca was once a middle eastern culture enclave, we have decided to offer a variety of hummus dishes served with garbanzo bread. Other starters include Iberian ham, red pepper salad and truffle paté.

Count on excellent service because we wish for you to have a cosy, intimate dining experience.

Please make a reservation because the quality to price ratio for our seafood, fish, and meat dishes is in high demand, so our tables book quickly.

Antonio Callon
Antonio Callon