Daytrip boat charter, sunsets, dining and drinks aboard

Carlo Mar Nautic

For a truly authentic boat chartering experience off the Port Andratx coast, reserve 3 to 12 hours on our traditional Balearic style boat, called a Llaut. This characteristic boat is a modern incarnation of an ancient Phoenician trawl design that offers stability and comfort.

A local family-owned business, the CarloMar is meticulously maintained with loving care (as you will see from the wooden detailing and artisanship).

Captain Esteban knows the local waters for the best day trip excursion (depending on the time you have available) to explore nearby: Cala en Basset, Hortigues, Dragonera, Camp de Mar, Sant Elm, Cala Egos, Cala Fornells or Cala Llamp.

Be prepared for some sporting adventure, and take advantage of a wide range of equipment for snorkelling, paddle surfing, kayaking or zipping around on a sea scooter.

When you are ready for some refreshment, enjoy a bottle of local Mallorquín wine, have a paella delivered on board or be dropped off at the dock of a local seaside restaurant.

Just one more suggestion: Stay aboard the relaxing CarloMar yacht long enough to witness the spectacular Port Andratx sunset and then sail past our cherished lighthouse before docking.

Esteban Peña Velazquez
Esteban Peña Velazquez