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ArteCasa Gallery

You can never have enough art in your life.

Our exclusive three-storey art gallery right in the heart of Port Andratx boardwalk is a cultural focal point for our village.

Island life is all about living to the fullest, and all of ArteCasa’s international artists demonstrate this ethos in their exacting technique, attention to detail and colour. You will only find high-end art at our gallery.

For over 18 years, residents of the most impressive homes in Port Andratx, throughout Mallorca and the world rely on ArteCasa to complete their homes with the bright, masterful and often humorous works.

This has probably occurred to you before: you see an artwork that sticks in your mind and calls you to purchase long after you have gone home - but you can’t be sure it is the right one for your space. Try our new service, whereby you send us a picture of your premises, and we can digitally place the art so you can make your final decision for your home or office.

In addition to world-renown artists that hold their value, ArteCasa showcases numerous mediums, including paintings, prints and sculptures - all in various dimensions. Our enthusiasm for our artists and detailed knowledge of the works help advise you personally, by phone, web or email.

If you are visiting Port Andratx from abroad, we are happy to arrange to scrupulously ship your piece so that your treasured Port Andratx art memento arrives in perfect condition.

Gerd Harnischmacher
Gerd Harnischmacher